A native Southern Californian, I received my Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern California. For over fifteen years, I worked with individuals, families, and children in public and therapeutic school settings.

In my private practice, my emphasis is working with adults of all ages struggling with anxiety and depression. I also work with clients identifying as having the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) trait. Think you may be an HSP? Take the HSP Test!

My type of therapy is client-centered, which means I am here for you, unconditionally. I offer support by way of providing non-judgmental attentiveness, in a safe space where you can feel free to be vulnerable and open, and express yourself as you are ready. We will work together to sort through your conflicts and struggles, and begin to take steps towards renewed emotional well-being.

Some of your struggles may include:

  • Going through major life transitions
  • Feeling overwhelmed by work, relationship, or family obligations
  • Feeling like you’re not reaching your full potential
  • Having social difficulties and feeling isolated
  • Having a lack of motivation to experience new things
  • Feeling anxiety or depression that keep you from participating in life
  • Feeling overwhelming guilt and shame
  • Experiencing grief